Let's face it, speaking lessons are not always the easy ride we might expect them to be; shy learners, shallow topics, and dominating show-offs can all take their toll on speaking activities, transforming precious opportunities for dialogue into desperate teacher monologues as we try to salvage the activity at hand.

Perhaps one way to make speaking lessons less fraught, especially to lower levels, is to provide conversation prompts as part of a small group turn-taking activity. Prompts in the form of board-games introduce an element of play to the proceedings by helping to create a less intimidating atmosphere in which learners can practice speaking, while turn-taking and dice rolling ensure full class participation and an element of fun stimulation respectively. As well as being easy to set up, such activities are easily adaptable and can be designed to reflect individual interests within the groups.

The attached PDF below can be used out-of-the-box or feel free to re-work and re-write as necessary.